About Us

NEO WHEELS LTD has been manufacturing aluminium alloy wheels in India since 1996.
Neo Wheels are tested as per IS 9436/38 at ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). Neo Wheels is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified and TUV Certified Company. It is the only company in India which provides Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty on its wheels.
Neo Wheels also exports to various countries and also supplies to some of the leading OEMs in India.
Neo Wheels offers wide variety of wheels in terms of designs, sizes, finishes and works toward increasing the range consistently.
Today with its’ 22 years of existence & satisfied customers, Neo Wheels is going ahead, expanding its horizon by offering the finest alloy wheels in the rapidly growing Indian and global automobile market through its constant innovation in designing, manufacturing technology, quality and customer satisfaction. It has become one of the leading Alloy Wheel Brand in India.


The company was started by Mr. Sanjay Kacheria in 1993 when he returned to India from USA with his dream to set up the first manufacturing facility, a first of its kind to produce aluminium alloy wheels.

With his 8 years of experience in production and marketing for 'American Racing Inc' where they were already producing alloy wheels gave him the inspiration to follow his dream to begin his very own manufacturing company in India.

By 1995 he had sourced his equipment needed from the USA, which completed his 1st phase of his visionary dream and began the trials of production of his own products.

INVADER :The very first wheel which suited the TATA vehicles. Within a short span of 1 year, he had started producing wheels for the Indian market under the brand of Neo Wheels. The first crucial step towards building a bigger dream was achieved.

Chrome Plating Plant was established in 1998 to keep with the demand for new and bold styles as USA were developing their interest in aftermarket accessories. The first and only chrome plating plant was then established specifically for the US market. In the same year Neo Wheels was also invited to be a part of the International Auto Expo, which was held in New Delhi.

20 Chrome Plated Spinners Specifically For The USA Market in 2003 : At this time the popularity of regular chromed wheels created a demand for something that would further catch the attention of the onlookers, giving Neo Wheels the idea to develop 20" chrome plated spinners specifically for the USA market. Which was later introduced in India in smaller sizes.



NWL is commited to be the leader in the Alloy wheel manufacture in the aftermarket in India to reach customer Satisfaction and Brand Equity in all parts of India.


We are committed to design, manufacture and supply attractive, durable & safe to use Aluminum Alloy Whells & other components which will give value for money to our customers

It is our endeavor to continually improve effectiveness of our Quality Management System for continuous improvement of our employees, our processes and our products.


The Neo Wheels Limited foundry, based in Mumbai, is the top producing manufacturer of aftermarket alloy wheels in India. Mr Sanjay Kacheria runs the factory and calls upon his vast wealth of experience gained at American Racing as the Production Manager, which is one of the worlds largest aftermarket wheel manufacturers. After his time there, Sanjay felt that he had the necessary experience and confidence to set up the factory in his homeland, India.

Located at TTC area in Navi, Mumbai – the foundry started its operations in 1996 and has gained in strength and momentum ever since for more than 15yrs. Neo remains the premier manufacturer in India and this is backed up by exclusive collaborations with Bridgestone and Mahindra. Every single wheel made in the facility is governed by the 'Automotive Research Association of India' (ARAI) for the domestic market and the factory has TUV, VIA and JWL certification for the rest of the worlds markets.

Fully automated Casting process and heat treatment means that the factory efficiency is extremely high, as is the experience of the factory staff under the watchful eye of Sanjay Kacheria. The design capacity is currently 25,000 units per month available for both the domestic market in India and the world export market with major clients in Europe and Australia.

Under the watchful eye of the highly trained staff, the cnc and testing processes are as stringent at neo as anywhere in the world, surpassing all expections when it comes to the required standard of the wheels produced. NEO represents the quality and efficiency that our customers demand and pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and meeting deadlines set. Nobody sets their standards higer then we do and we aim to keep improving to provide the worlds alloy wheel markets with the products they demand for decades to come.


Mahindra & Mahindra India Contract in 2003 We acquired the approval of the car manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra India to become the first OEM supplier for their wheels. This is the biggest accolade a factory owner can have, having a vehicle manufacturer recognize the quality and importance of NEO in the domestic market place, truly a great honor. Hard work starts now! Mahindra & Mahindra India contract.

News Channel BBC 2005 Increased brand recognition becoming apparent with well the known news channel BBC, interviews Neo Wheels as the prominent brand and alloy wheels manufacture.

Joint Venture with 'Reliance Retail' 2007 Joint venture with 'Reliance Retail' the biggest retail giant increasing exposure across their stores throughout India, with this partnership.

EXPORTS 2008 This exposure grows to Sri Lanka for their Maruti Suzuki vehicles due to increased demand and production of their vehicles and then our reach extended to South American countries, Europe and Nepal.

Nissan USA 2009 As popularity grows, so does the demand from customer that gave more push for retailers to stock Neo Wheels in their stores in which over 50 well established distributors across India. As the name Neo Wheels grows in confidence and popularity Nissan USA has begun importing their aluminum cleats for their own production.

Bombaridier Inc 2011 As the quality and performance of the alloy used to produce the wheels, the USA and Canada has chosen to use Neo Wheels to manufacture aluminum components for their subway systems 'Bombaridier Inc'.

Top100 "Best Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs" 2011 Ranked in the top100 "Best Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs" in India with the highest potential growth by the popular magazine 'Entrepreneur'.


Auto Expo – PragatiMaidan– Delhi 2012 Neo attends the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi and shows off our range of wheels for the Domestic market. Once again establishing ourselves as the #1 brand in India. We saw so many people, trade customers and public alike and everyone gave us great compliments and good feedback on our products and service. We know we are #1 but its still good to be thought of so well and we cant wait to attend again next year.

Mahindra & Mahindra Has Invited Neo Wheels for a Meet in 2012 Being recognized for outstanding work and performance as a top leading supplier by Mahindra & Mahindra has invited Neo Wheels for a meet at their factory in Mumbai.


Progressive Growth 2015 Today we are a progressive company with a strength of 130 employees which makes the core team along with our 91 Dealer / Distributor and more than 1000 retail counters across the country together contribute to the success of Neo Wheels.