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Lightweight, strength and durability are the 3 keywords for describing Asuka Racing wheels. Epitomizing the Japanese street racing scene, combining cool Japanese designs with state of the art engineering, every Asuka Racing wheel is created with tuners, modifiers and motorsport enthusiasts in mind. Asuka Racing is the brand to provide you with functionality, desirability and exclusivity.

ST 15

SIZE : 18 X 9.5 18 X 8.0
OFFSET : 27-35 35-45

Probably the most easily recognizable wheel in any Japanese tuning scene, our ST15 looks absolutely perfect fitted to those highly tuned and modded motors. We have staggered fit available or if the bodywork allows, go 9.5 inches wide all round on your car, with double drilling for maximizing its fitment capabilities! We love this wheel and long may its success continue. P.S. It also looks amazing on some Euro cars too!!

KE 10

SIZE : 17 X 7.0 15 X 6.5
OFFSET : 18-45 18-45

The KE10. An extremely subtle design that once fitted, completely transforms any vehicle it is fitted to. Such is the impact this wheel gives your vehicle; you will be smiling from ear to ear at how amazing it looks.

RD 21

SIZE : 18 X 7.5 17 X 7.0
OFFSET : 35-45 35-45

Great lines, simple and subtle design, simply put – one of the most iconic wheels for the Japanese tuning scene. This wheel has been a success since its launch and the fan base keeps on growing.

TR 17

SIZE : 18 X 8.0 17 X 7.0
OFFSET : 35-45 35-45

Inspiration taken from previous famous industry designs, and then given a makeover by our gifted design guru’s ensures our TR17 is one of the best-selling aftermarket wheels in the brochure, that will suit your car as soon as it is fitted. Available in all the right colours to ensure your car looks as good as it goes!

ST 16

SIZE : 17 X 7.5 18 X 8.5 18 X 9.5 18 X 10.5
OFFSET : 35-45 35-45 27-45 27-45

If the ST15 is the most recognizable wheel on the Japanese tuning scene, then this one must be up there next to it. Again, we can do staggered fitment on this wheel in order to suit the demands of you and your car in a wide variety of finishes and double drilled fitments for your needs. P.S. It also looks amazing on some Euro cars too!!