• What are Aluminium alloy wheels or Magwheels and why are they called so?

    Aluminium alloy wheels are wheels manufactured using aluminium alloy having aluminium as its major component. In older times they were manufactured using magnesium. But as magnesium is an expensive and hazardous metal, aluminium has taken over as a major component. However magnesium is a part of alloy used to make wheels today.

  • What are the advantages of alloy wheels?

    Advantages of alloy wheels are as follows:
    • Superior heat dissipation characteristics than regular steel wheels, resulting into improved brake cooling, reduced brake fading and longer tyre life.
    • Lighter than original steel wheels, resulting into improved fuel efficiency.
    • Excellent Road handling and cornering ability.
    • Rust-free, corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free.
    • Bolt-on fitting, No spacers / modifications required.
    • Stunning looks.
    • Excellent compatibility with Radial, Regular and Tubeless tyres.

  • Are special tyres required for installing alloy wheels?

    There is no requirement of special tyres to install alloy wheels. Standard tyres given by the car manufacturer are perfectly compatible with the wheels.

  • Are tubeless tyres required for alloy wheels and are they compatible with alloy wheels?

    No, tubeless tyres are not required for alloy wheels, however they are compatible with alloy wheels, provided the alloy wheels are leak tested, which NEO WHEELS are, otherwise there could be an air leakage leading to flat tyre.

  • Is balancing and alignment necessary while installing alloy wheels?

    Just like any other steel wheels, balancing is necessary while installing alloy wheels to strike a perfect balance between the tyres and wheels. This is necessary to avoid wobbling and uneven wear and tear. Alignment though not absolutely essential in new cars, is recommended in old and new cars to avoid any problem in routine use of the car

  • What is Plus Sizing? Is it recommended?

    Plus Sizing is referred to the replacement of the O.E. Wheel (or an existing wheel) with one (1") inch bigger wheel and lower aspect ratio tyre, thereby keeping the outside diameter of the tyre within 2% of the original tyre. For example, a 13" wheel fitted with 175/80R13 tyre can be upgraded to a 14" wheel with a 185/70R14 tyre. In other words, an increase in wheel diameter by one (1") inch has to be compensated with a 10 mm wider section and one index lower aspect ratio tyre. Plus Sizing reduces the amount of deflection between wheel and the ground and improves handling and braking by creating wider contact patch at the road surface. It also improves the appearance of the vehicle.

  • Are there any advantages of alloy wheels over steel wheels?

    Sr. No. Conventional Steel Wheel Alloy Wheel Benefits
    1 Standardised looks Designer patterns Superior looks, enhancing the overall beauty of the car.
    2 Heavy Light weight Faster pick-up, improved fuel efficiency, low emissions (Eco-friendly)
    3 Prone to rusting and corrosion Rust-proof and corrosion - resistant Long life of wheel
    4 Low heat dissipation Better cooling Improved performance and longer life of tyres, tubes and brake system.
    5 Difficult to attain precise profile Precision machining Precise seating tyre edge on rim-better suited for tubeless tyres
    6 Poor impact absorption Efficient impact absorption Comfortable drive
    7 Requires regular repainting Requires no repainting Saves on cost and hassle
    8 Wheel cap used The highly appealing designs eliminate the need for wheel caps Saving on wheel caps and its frequent replacements
    9 Cannot be recycled Recyclable Environment-friendly

  • Do you get common alloy wheels, which fit on all the cars?

    No every car has different bolt pattern, but there are vehicles, which share a common bolt pattern for which common wheels are applicable and available.

  • Do Neo wheels match the quality of imported wheels?

    Most definitely Neo Wheels matches or has superior to the quality of imported wheels. Neo wheels exports 80% of its chrome plated wheel production to USA and meet the SFI standards USA and ARAI test norms in India.

  • Are Neo wheels tested and approved?

    Yes, Neo Wheels are tested and approved by Automotive Research Association Of India (ARAI) - Pune.

  • Are Neo wheels expensive compared to Imported wheels?

    Most of the wheels which are imported in India use the grey channel, thus evading duty, sales tax etc. which make them cheaper in some instances. They are also of second's quality. Compared to them Neo wheels are paying all implied taxes like excise, sales tax, are tested at ARAI - Pune and are offered with bill and warranty. Even then, price of Neo Wheels is competitive compared to imported wheels.

  • Which OEM accounts to Neo wheels service?

    Mahindra and SAN motor. As Neo wheels are an EOU, its major focus is on export and local Indian aftermarket. OEM-MM bolero, Scorpio-we have sold more than 3000 whls without any complaint GAP-MM bolero,Quodro,scorpio[ we stopped because of size changed from 15 to 16" Reliance- Ahmedabad,jamnagar already started many more than follow in diff part Export - to Srilanka Magic car [maruti]

  • What is the product range of Neo wheels?

    Please refer to the catalogue section for further information.

  • Do Neo wheels offer warranty?

    Yes, Neo wheels offer 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defect and lifetime limited structural warranty.

  • What is the life of an alloy wheel?

    The life of an alloy wheel is as long as the life of a vehicle.

  • Are alloy wheels prone to easy cracking or breaking?

    No, alloy wheels are not prone to easy cracking or breaking as they are made with special alloy and go through heat treatment process to ensure superior strength and physical properties thus resisting cracking.

  • Are Neo wheels available in single units?

    Yes, Neo wheels are available in single units, infact the dealers are being told to promote set of 4 PCs as the 5th wheel is available anytime if needed in future at the same unit price. Set of 4 wheels benefit customer in terms of cost, alert incase of punchure,Reduce rattling noise due to improper fitment at stepney bracket In US, Europe vehicle is supplied with 4 alloys and 1 steel wheel stepney for safety alert factor.

  • Does one get anything for the old wheels, which are replaced by alloy wheels?

    It depends, normally a tyre dealer or a showroom may give minimum amount possible per wheel as an exchange price to alloy wheel. But this case is not applicable always and hence the customer should not expect much return from it.

  • Which method is used to produce Neo wheels?

    A method known as Permanent Mould Casting (PMC) is used to produce Neo Wheels.

  • Where can customers contact to buy Neo wheels?

    Please refer to our Dealers List for further information

  • Are Neo wheels exported?

    Yes, Neo wheels are exported to USA and will be shortly exporting to other leading countries.

  • What should be done when a tyre fitted on an alloy wheel gets punctured? Can it be repaired anywhere?

    Yes, but is recommended that if such situation arises one should take care and put a cloth around the hammer while making the puncture. The wheels should be rebalanced later on at a tyre shop having balancing machine. The best option would be to get it repaired at a shop having automatic tyre changer and balancer for protecting the wheel from getting damaged.

  • What are the advantages of Neo wheels over Imported wheels?

    Tested and approved by ARAI. Unknown whether any test approval is obtained.
    Available in set of 4 wheels. Have to be bought in set of 5 wheels.
    Single unit available any time in future. Not available in single units.
    Warranty product. No warranty.
    Official Invoice is available. No Invoice is available.
    Strong after sales service. No after sales service.
    No modifications, exact fitment as per specifications No assurance of exact fitment, often requires modifications
    Assured availability for a longer time. No guarantee of availability
    High quality product. Some imported wheels are a rejected from foreign countries
    Made as per Indian road conditions Does not match Indian road conditions

  • How can one maintain alloy wheels?

    Refer to the warranty card for further details in Wheel Talk section.

    Lifetime Structural Warranty