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From day one to present day, INOVIT keeps innovation as the spirit of the brand. For more than 14 years, we designed this range with our passion of cars and wheels in mind. All of the four original styles is specifically designed for the market that demands respect and each Prestige style incorporates our trademark teardrop design into it.

All of the INOVIT Prestige models are designed in house by our leading designers and manufactured to the highest possible standards. With the expansion of the range in 2009, INOVIT Prestige designs are now available in fitments from a Mazda to a Maserati or a Fiat to a Ferrari plus virtually every vehicle in between. Prestige is guaranteed to ensure your pride and joy stands out from the rest, whether it is at the local cruise, the corporate car park or the Burj Khalifa parking lot in Dubai, respect is all part of the package.


SIZE : 20 X 8.5 20 X 10 22 X 9.0 22 X 10
OFFSET : 20-45 20-40 20-45 20-40

Inovit welcomes its newest design to date into the market, and what a fantastic looking wheel!! Finesse, simplicity combined with an attention to detail not seen on 1pc design before make this a wheel that will suit your luxury ride whether it be a 7 series, S class, Continental GT, Range Rover, Cayenne – you name it, this wheel will be the finishing touch! The concave on the rear conforms to the trends of today and we are proud to bring this new wheel into the Inovit range. INOVIT – Powered by Innovation


SIZE : 19 X 8.5 19 X 9.5 20 X 8.5 20 X 10 20 X 11
OFFSET : 35-45 35-45 20-45 20-45 60-60

The INOVIT Prestige Vortex incorporates the trademark teardrop accent to each if its 10 slender split spokes with INOVIT Prestige and Vortex lettering embossed around the centre. Phenomenal strength and massive caliper clearance together with ultra-lightweight have been achieved for the INOVIT Prestige Vortex at the same time, thanks to unrivalled design and state-of-the-art manufacture processes. This design was a success before it was even launched; it is quite possibly one of the greatest designs ever to grace the alloy wheel industry. INOVIT Prestige – Designed to Perfection.


SIZE : 20 X 8.5 20 X 10.0 22 X 9.0 22 X 10
OFFSET : 20-45 20-45 20-45 20-40

Our first venture into the 2pc market, the INOVIT Prestige Velocity 2 incorporates the trademark teardrop accents on the most aggressive but beautiful design imaginable. The spoke edges look as if they are incorporated into the lip of the wheel; such is the design perfection on this high end product. The rear also has a massive concave look that connoisseurs look for. The best thing is that you can fit Velocity 2-piece on almost every vehicle, especially those high-performance sports cars and supercars and it gives the exact aggressive look that you desire. INOVIT Prestige products meet the VIA, JWL and TUV standards and British professional lightweight processed. INOVIT Prestige – Designed to Perfection.


SIZE : 18 X 8.0 20 X 9.0 20 X 10.5 22 X 9.5 22 X 11.0
OFFSET : 35-45 20-40 20-40 25-40 25-40

The INOVIT Prestige Spin, the first ever design of the INOVIT Prestige Range, and the wheel that launched INOVIT into becoming a household name right at the beginning. The main reason behind this success was the ‘Black/Machined Face look’. We set the trend in the UK market that soon followed into Europe and now almost every single brand in the industry has this element at its core! The INOVIT Prestige Spin’s 5 sleek flowing spokes are finished off with the INOVIT Prestige teardrop design and provides optimum strength and massive appearance. Available from 18 inch up to 22 inch sizes in a wide variety of fitments. INOVIT Prestige – Designed to Perfection.


SIZE : 19 X 8.5 19 X 10 20 X 9.0 20 X 10.5
OFFSET : 20-45 25-40 20-45 20-40

Finally, a 5 spoke design to grab the market by the scruff of its neck and make it stand up and take notice! The second 2pc design epitomizes 5-spoke designs from years gone by, and by using some clever innovation; this wheel pulls off a timeless and classy show in both looks and design. With its spokes stretching out to the far limits of the wheel and finishing flush with the lip to give a ‘Big Wheel’ look, this design will suit every vehicle you fit it to. Available with a deep concave feature for the rear fitment, this design is guaranteed to impress. INOVIT Prestige – Designed to Perfection.