First time Pentagon in 15" & 16" & Sparkle in 16"

NEO WHEELS the only Indian wheel maker launched a special finishes of its Ace products Sparkle in 16" and PENTAGON in 15" & 16" wheels. This special version will come with a bundle of styling and convenience features and described as BLACK MACHINED UNDERCUT RED LIP (BMUCRL), AND BLACK MACHINED UNDERCUT BLUE LIP(BMUCBL),BLACK MACHINED UNDER RED LINE (BMURL) BLACK MACHINED UNDER BLUE LINE(BMUBL) MATT BLACK UNDERLINE BLUR(MBUBL) MATT BLACK UNDER RED LINE (MBURL).These special finishes are an invitation to our customers to celebrate success of these two designs. We are sure that these exclusive touches will excite our customers and make their experience even better.